Definition of petrophysical in US English:



  • See petrophysics

    • ‘The stratigraphy of Unit 2 is known only from stratigraphic reports that are mainly based on cutting analyses and petrophysical interpretation.’
    • ‘Changes in the petrophysical characteristics therefore are not caused by compositional variations, but are believed to result from internal matrix strain (density increase, porosity reduction).’
    • ‘Analysis of petrophysical properties measured on horizontal profiles across a normal fault indicated horizontal compactional strain and layer-parallel shortening associated with faulting.’
    • ‘However, the petrophysical analysis shows similar porosity changes approaching a shear zone, suggesting that this is characteristic of the Boom clay, and not a peculiarity of the Kruibeke Fault Zone or methodological bias.’
    • ‘Other authors have disputed that there is a systematic correlation between porosity and permeability in dolostones, or that these two petrophysical parameters are enhanced in dolostones relative to limestones.’