Definition of petrol tank in US English:

petrol tank


  • A container holding the fuel supply in a motor vehicle or aircraft; a gas tank.

    ‘a family car with a 70-liter petrol tank’
    • ‘Exposed petrol tanks in the wings made them even more vulnerable if a plane caught fire.’
    • ‘The V6 also has the expected extreme thirst which, when coupled with the smallish petrol tank, limits the range between fuel stops.’
    • ‘It can take weeks or months for oil to get from the fields beneath the Gulf of Mexico into an SUV's petrol tank.’
    • ‘The petrol tank lies under the bonnet, along with the spare tyre and a sizable luggage space.’
    • ‘This petrol pump was used to fill petrol tanks of lorries in the street without having to drive them into the forecourt.’
    • ‘The engine is still warm, and the petrol tank totally empty.’
    • ‘His road tax is paid up and the petrol tank full of lead free.’
    • ‘Gas mains were ruptured and car petrol tanks exploded, adding more fuel to the flames.’
    • ‘One aircraft hit us midships on the flight deck, it carried a bomb and two petrol tanks under the wings.’
    • ‘Twice they stopped, once to buy food and Pepsi and once to fill up the petrol tank from cans in the back of the truck.’