Definition of petrography in US English:



  • The branch of science concerned with the description and classification of rocks, especially by microscopic study.

    Compare with petrology
    • ‘The lavas have been divided into two main series (informally called the lower volcanics and the plateau basalts) based on their stratigraphy, geochemistry and petrography.’
    • ‘The field-based studies were supplemented by thin-section petrography and whole-rock geochemistry to characterize different intrusive phases.’
    • ‘All aspects of oceanic island rocks, including petrography, volcanology, and geochemistry, are inter-related. Thus, no one scale of observation is entirely satisfactory to understanding their origin.’
    • ‘The SEPM constitution made it clear that the ‘object of the Society is to promote the science of stratigraphy through research in paleontology and sedimentary petrography, especially as it relates to petroleum geology’.’
    • ‘A variety of sedimentological criteria, including petrography, texture, lithology and sedimentary structures, must be applied in the environmental analysis of Precambrian arenites.’