Definition of petrochemistry in English:



  • 1The branch of chemistry concerned with the composition and formation of rocks (as distinct from minerals and ore deposits)

    • ‘The gabbroic parts of the St. Stephen Pluton and the Calais Quartz Diorite are similar in petrochemistry to mafic and intermediate parts of the Bocabec Pluton of the Saint George Batholith whereas the Baring Granite is similar to the granitic parts of the Bocabec Pluton.’
    • ‘The petrochemistry of primitive intraplate basalts can tell us whether their source is abnormally hot or not.’
  • 2The branch of chemistry concerned with petroleum and natural gas, and with their refining and processing.

    • ‘This book presents a complete overview of acido-basic catalysis applied to refining and petrochemistry, as well as the fundamentals and the information required for a rational and coherent description of the major operations carried out in these two industries.’
    • ‘This engineering – supply company is focused on huge supplies on a long-term basis in nuclear power engineering, chemistry and petrochemistry, water purification and treatment.’