Definition of petaloid in US English:



  • See petal

    • ‘The flower is protandrous and presents an unusual sophisticated morphology: the pistil has an umbrella shape with the stigma at the angles, tightly enclosed by the bracts, petaloid sepals and petals.’
    • ‘It is a family of predominantly annual and perennial herbs with a semi-succulent habitus, which can be easily distinguished from other balsaminoids by its zygomorphic flowers with a spurred petaloid sepal.’
    • ‘Flowers of Nigella have a conspicuous perianth, differentiated into an outer whorl of five white, petaloid sepals and an inner whorl of eight, stalked nectaries.’
    • ‘In the third whorl the stamens have petaloid cells on their filaments and no homeotic transformation is observed.’
    • ‘It has the most charming semi-double flowers, formed from four outer petals with several smaller, petaloid stamens inside.’