Definition of pet passport in US English:

pet passport


  • A document certifying an animal's identity, health, and vaccination status, enabling it to be taken to and from certain countries without the need for a period of quarantine.

    • ‘Insp McIver said that the introduction of the pet passports scheme in 2004 had facilitated the importation process.’
    • ‘Joan McArdle has been fighting tooth and nail to be able to bring the family's pet dog to Spain on holiday since EU pet passports became law last July.’
    • ‘The pet passport scheme allows people who are going abroad to take their pet with them without subjecting the animal to a stressful period of quarantine.’
    • ‘We have a pet passport for our labrador and are soon to drive through France to Spain and on to Portugal.’
    • ‘The introduction of "pet passports" will allow dogs from all over Europe to compete next year.’
    • ‘Tomorrow, the eight-year-old Shih Tzu becomes the first Irish dog to fly out, under the EU pet passports scheme.’
    • ‘For instance, the new UK pet passport is valid only if the animal has an identifying microchip and there are insurance premium benefits.’
    • ‘A pilot scheme involving the equivalent of pet passports began in February 2000.’
    • ‘Essy has now got her very own pet passport, in case her owners decide to move back to Tenerife, where Mrs Tufft lived 18 months ago.’
    • ‘Dopey, BT, Minky and Shy all came to Britain under the pet passport scheme and are all friendly natured, fully vaccinated and neutered.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, without a clean bill of health from a vet, no pet passport could be issued.’
    • ‘The pet passport scheme works smoothly and for Henri the only disadvantage is the necessary veterinary visit and injections which precede each return trip.’
    • ‘Pet passports may have made travelling with animals easier in Europe, but they could also result in more problems in humans back home.’
    • ‘One-year-old Theo had to spend six months in quarantine kennels to get his pet passport.’
    • ‘Find out how pet passports could allow you and your pet to travel more freely.’
    • ‘The Baroness's role includes overseeing the introduction of new pet passports, which require pets to be microchipped and registered.’
    • ‘During a discussion on the benefits of the pet passport facility, Ford admitted taking his dog everywhere - even back and forth between Europe and the US.’
    • ‘She said the pet passport scheme, which allows animals clear of rabies to be brought into Britain, can take up to seven months and cost 1,000 in vet and kennel fees.’