Definition of pet-sit in US English:



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  • Look after a pet or pets while their owner is away, usually staying at the owner's home in order to do so.

    ‘they call upon trusted friends to pet-sit when they are out of town’
    • ‘After calling in sick, she had holed up at the home of a wealthy Mexican family for whom she pet-sat from time to time.’
    • ‘You can even pet-sit horses. I've petsitted horses before and it's easy.’
    • ‘For less than £25 a night you can hire an Animal Aunt who will pet-sit in your home.’
    • ‘Maybe she could suggest to Myra that she add the iguana to her feeding duties, and so get access to the second floor the next time she pet-sat.’
    • ‘I used to pet sit her bunny whenever she went away with her parents and she'd buy me movies while on vacation.’
    • ‘I swore we would never pet-sit again.’
    • ‘I'm assigned to seven dogs, which I walk individually. I also pet-sit cats.’
    • ‘She says her best job was petsitting dogs, cats and horses for Schwaby's Pet Care’
    • ‘Some attend fund-raising events, while others help deliver food, walk dogs or pet-sit when clients are not at home.’
    • ‘Jeremy pet-sits his neighbors' pets in an effort to discover which pet will best suit him.’