Definition of pes in US English:


nounPlural pedes

  • The human foot, or the corresponding terminal segment of the hind limb of a vertebrate animal.

    • ‘Both hindlimbs are directed outward from the pelvis, with the superbly preserved pedes exposed splayed out in dorsal view.’
    • ‘Sauropod footprints show heteropody, with relatively small manus and large pes prints.’
    • ‘Apart from a fragmentary metatarsal, the tarsus and pes are not preserved in this specimen.’
    • ‘Therefore, taxonomic designation based on only manus prints would be premature without associated pes impressions.’
    • ‘The variance in the general build of the manus and pes is presumably due to scaling with respect to the wide range in body sizes seen among synapsids.’


Mid 19th century: from Latin, ‘foot’.