Definition of Peruvian in US English:



  • Relating to Peru or its people.

    ‘filming at high altitude in the Peruvian Andes wasn't always much fun’
    ‘the chef is Peruvian’
    • ‘About 60 couples wore traditional Peruvian outfits to tie the knot in a mass wedding in Lima on Monday.’
    • ‘The Peruvian artist considers himself a Surrealist, and one look at his work explains why.’
    • ‘Santiago is a young Peruvian man just returned to Lima following six years of military service.’
    • ‘The century-old cooking style is a fusion of Japanese and Peruvian cuisines.’
    • ‘My wife, who is Peruvian born, had to wait over a year before being issued a visa to emigrate here.’
    • ‘The Peruvian desert is a weird place.’
    • ‘He drew on a multitude of historic influences, including Roman, Gothic, Egyptian, Peruvian and, most famously, Japanese.’


  • A native or inhabitant of Peru, or a person of Peruvian descent.

    ‘the report leaves Peruvians with much to dwell on’
    • ‘He's a Peruvian living in Miami.’
    • ‘Students heard folk music of the indigenous Peruvians played on pan pipes.’
    • ‘He has started to roll out a minimum pension for all Peruvians over age 65 and plans to raise the minimum wage a second time.’
    • ‘The Peruvians won 2-0 and qualified while the Chileans missed out.’
    • ‘I was told by several Peruvians that it has the best food in all of Peru.’
    • ‘Corinthians' main striker, Guerrero, has so far declined a new deal and the future of the coveted Peruvian remains in doubt.’
    • ‘The road seems to have made the lives of many Peruvians easier.’