Definition of persuadable in English:



  • Easily persuaded; amenable.

    ‘they need to identify the most persuadable voters’
    • ‘Paid media focused on the most persuadable voters.’
    • ‘Given that conclusion, you can certainly surmise that early voters are less persuadable than Election Day voters.’
    • ‘You must discern the most important issue for persuadable voters in your district.’
    • ‘Well, there are so many undecided or persuadable people.’
    • ‘Again, these numbers do not reflect the cost of reaching a persuadable voter.’
    easily persuaded, amenable, adaptable, accommodating, cooperative, malleable, pliable, compliant, flexible, acquiescent, tractable, pliant, yielding, biddable, complaisant, like putty in one's hands, impressionable, manageable, manipulable, influenceable, suggestible, susceptible
    persuasible, suasible, convincible, susceptive
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