Definition of personnel in US English:


plural noun

  • 1People employed in an organization or engaged in an organized undertaking such as military service.

    ‘many of the personnel involved require training’
    ‘sales personnel’
    • ‘Bonuses require military personnel to make a commitment to serve for a specified time.’
    • ‘We have got to let our service personnel know we are thinking about them and wish a speedy end to this situation.’
    • ‘British service personnel are helping to stabilise the security situation.’
    • ‘There are little villages set up in the training area, and military personnel are tasked to play civilians.’
    • ‘A barn owl had a new lease of life after it was rescued by fire service personnel at Teynampet.’
    • ‘Now do you accept that is a useful and effective way of protecting the lives of our service personnel?’
    • ‘It seems the time has come for military personnel to be given the right of conscience.’
    • ‘The various reviews will demand a restructuring of the service, more personnel and a lot more cash.’
    • ‘We invited Service personnel along to answer questions from anxious families.’
    • ‘Military personnel will also have access from inside the camp perimeter.’
    • ‘In addition, the number of service personnel is three times that of the passengers.’
    • ‘The contract also includes training military personnel in the use of the tools.’
    • ‘The emergency services personnel ran into bomb sites to get people out.’
    • ‘He came up with all kinds of ways to send messages from the military personnel to their families.’
    • ‘The service personnel must be above board to gain the respect and assistance of the public.’
    • ‘The support it offers to British service personnel and their widows and families is vital.’
    • ‘Firefighters were also at the scene, and a group of military personnel waited at the edge of the cordon.’
    • ‘It is understood large numbers of military personnel were boarding aircraft.’
    • ‘There is also the phenomenon of US military personnel posting their own personal blogs.’
    • ‘There is also the problem of Service personnel being away from friends and family.’
    staff, employees, workforce, workers, labour force, manpower, human resources, people, men and women
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    1. 1.1
      • ‘We called them downright funny, and we laughed all the way to the personnel office.’
      • ‘The ministry used to have only a few units, such as personnel and resources offices.’
      • ‘For some organizations, the management of personnel can be seen as just one other asset to be managed.’
      • ‘She was transferred to the personnel and administrative department but given no work.’


Early 19th century: from French (adjective used as a noun), contrasted with matériel ‘equipment or materials used in an organization or undertaking’.