Definition of personalized medicine in US English:

personalized medicine


  • A type of medical care in which treatment is customized for an individual patient.

    ‘the promise is that low-cost gene sequencing will lead to a new era of personalized medicine’
    • ‘The science behind this personalized medicine is called pharmacogenetics.’
    • ‘Yet, five years of incremental advances have brought personalized medicine back to respectability.’
    • ‘The 2011 World Conference on Lung Cancer addressed the current state of personalized medicine in lung cancer.’
    • ‘What many people think is the future of medicine is personalized medicine, directed to our specific genomic characteristics.’
    • ‘Adherents of personalized medicine are attempting to create treatments tailored to individual genetic make-ups.’
    • ‘Researchers agree that this possibility is quite a ways down the road, but they are quick to point out that personalized medicine is worth the wait.’
    • ‘We had a great vision of personalized medicine, and that vision was becoming a reality.’
    • ‘The minute something useful comes out of the whole personalized medicine field, most of the critics will shut up with great alacrity.’
    • ‘Despite skepticism, recent advances have given proponents of personalized medicine reason to cheer.’
    • ‘Personalized medicine has an important role to play in drugs already on the market.’
    • ‘He's a leading thinker on the future of personalized medicine who will never head up a business based on commercial finance.’