Definition of personal organizer in US English:

personal organizer

(British personal organiser)


  • 1A loose-leaf notebook consisting of separate sections including a calendar and pages for recording addresses and telephone numbers.

    • ‘A handbag containing a personal organiser and cash, worth £80, was stolen during a matinee performance on Monday.’
    • ‘No notes were taken of what the scientist said, the only record of the interview being jottings into a personal organiser made several hours later.’
    • ‘Her briefcase contained personal possessions, including a personal organiser, and papers relating to her work as a councillor.’
    1. 1.1 A handheld computer having the function of a personal organizer.
      • ‘However, we don't regard personal organisers as a threat to laptops, but rather to mobile phones.’
      • ‘I'm sorting out the mess of information on my PC, my personal organiser, my two laptops and my mobile phone.’
      • ‘Even if we live long enough to get through the 1,500 tasks stored in our personal organizer, the likelihood is that 1,495 of these were not worth doing anyway.’
      • ‘The device is a telephone, answerphone, fax, personal organiser and monitor, with email facilities, all rolled into one.’
      • ‘Teenagers can pick a record bag, alarm clock or electronic personal organiser.’
      • ‘I don't suppose you'd have anything such as a personal organiser would you - the electronic sort I mean.’
      • ‘The 9300 comes with advanced personal organiser features, as well as support for RIM's wireless email software.’
      • ‘It allows things like laptops and personal organisers to connect to the internet at broadband speeds within a confined area such as a hotel, cafe or airport.’
      • ‘Wireless devices have evolved from personal organizers and schedulers into powerful computing tools worthy of enterprise-class applications.’
      • ‘We vote, don't mind paying school teachers what they are worth and often get along nicely without a personal organizer.’
      • ‘It plays MP3 music files, is a personal organiser and, oh yes, is a phone, too.’
      • ‘Pocketsize and weighing from 4 to 9 ounces, they are personal organizers with an address book, a date book, a to-do list, a memo pad, and a calculator.’
      • ‘Reading devices sometimes double as personal organizers and have multiple functions, such as sound and e-mail capability.’
      • ‘The idea is that they're like some sort of next-generation supersize personal organiser, except they have the power and possibilities of a laptop, including the software.’
      • ‘It will also display the latest color screen smart phones that double as digital personal organizers.’
      • ‘The company also allowed him to keep his mobile phone, laptop computer, personal organiser and printer.’
      • ‘But the Wrist PDA was the first to cram a fully functioning Palm OS-based personal organiser into a case you can wear rather than carry.’
      • ‘Forensic experts from the unit can carry out forensic examination of computers, mobile phones and other digital equipment, such as cameras and personal organisers.’
      • ‘Still, the concept of the electronic book has been slow to catch on with consumers who have already embraced personal organizers, such as the ubiquitous Palm Pilot.’


personal organizer

/ˈpərs(ə)n(ə)l ˈôrɡəˌnīzər//ˈpərs(ə)n(ə)l ˈɔrɡəˌnaɪzər/