Definition of personal day in US English:

personal day


North American
  • A paid or unpaid day of leave from work for reasons other than illness or vacation, taken at the employee's discretion.

    ‘the company allows employees to take up to three personal days each year’
    • ‘For every five years spent at Ammex, each employee is entitled to a three-week, fully paid sabbatical, on top of the usual vacation and personal days.’
    • ‘Many of them have flexible leave banks where you can use sick leave, vacation time, or days designated as personal days to attend to these responsibilities as long as you can work it out at your workplace and not impose significant hardships on the organization.’
    • ‘I should not have to be wasting a perfectly good personal day on such trivial things as my broken a/c.’
    • ‘Most people (myself included) take it as a vacation day or a personal day, but we're definitely open and 'fully operational'.’
    • ‘Specifically, she cites a family leave policy that allows employees to take personal days to care for family members - without regard to a specific definition of family.’
    • ‘It's just a wee bit too early in the school year to be running off with personal days.’
    • ‘70 drivers called in sick or took a personal day, stranding more than 680 students.’
    • ‘Although employee pay will be cut by 5% for the remaining three-quarters of the year, you will be entitled to 10 additional personal days off over the nine months.’
    • ‘This year, state workers who did not want to work on Thanksgiving Friday were required to take a personal day or a vacation day.’
    • ‘Most of the faculty and staff are having to work through Saturday, but I chose to take a personal day that day.’
    • ‘In Suffolk County, young police officers are scheduled to work 232 days - but that is reduced by 26 vacation and personal days, according to the county's director of labor relations.’
    • ‘The Association of Texas Professional Educators, the sponsoring organization, said the teachers were either taking a personal day off - which is allowed by their districts - or were using a staff development day to lobby.’
    • ‘She said that not having sick days or personal days was a big problem.’
    • ‘The panel of substitute teachers operated by the Department of Education is covering all certified sick leave and personal days.’
    • ‘Aunt Jill had a busy day at the office and her secretary called in for a personal day, it being Thanksgiving weekend and all, so I had to fill in.’
    • ‘The bill would require that domestic workers receive nine paid holidays, five paid sick days, five paid personal days, two weeks of vacation after six months on the job and four weeks of vacation after five years of service - with the workers able to choose when to go on vacation.’
    • ‘Police officials pointed out that vacation days and personal days can be included in a week's total, inflating the number of hours paid above what was actually worked.’
    • ‘Each driver is allowed five personal days, two of which require 48-hour notice and three that can be taken any time.’
    • ‘"Well, I don't know if I can continue to work here, and I certainly can't continue this afternoon," she says she told him, adding that she got permission from her editor to take a personal day.’
    • ‘Anticipating long lines at polling places, the company suggested employees use vacation or personal days in order to vote.’