Definition of persimmon in US English:



  • 1An edible fruit that resembles a large tomato and has very sweet flesh.

    • ‘While persimmons can be used in pies and tarts, you can also enjoy them plain.’
    • ‘Among foods featured are morels, persimmons, cherries, game, wild blackberries, and asparagus.’
    • ‘American persimmons drop off the tree when ripe.’
    • ‘Now you can also buy persimmons in city supermarkets during their short available period.’
    • ‘The produce includes strawberries, beans, avocado, persimmon, kiwifruit, oranges and other citrus fruit as well as flowers and plants.’
    • ‘A ripe persimmon is not so beautiful, but the taste is very good.’
    • ‘You can also order Meyer lemons, tangerines, and persimmons.’
    • ‘They taste a bit like persimmons, or maybe apricots - I wonder if they are available in the States.’
    • ‘Early one morning, I entered my kitchen and found a persimmon and an apple partly gnawed.’
    • ‘Figs share space in the orchard with a host of other crops - among them almonds, walnuts, olives, peaches, nectarines, and persimmons.’
    • ‘Climb onto a ladder, pick a persimmon, and throw it down - the one under the tree will receive the fruit with a bag and put it into a basket.’
    • ‘Today, the Lewises have harvested some 400 to 500 pounds of persimmons - all of them by hand.’
    • ‘Anyone with half a brain knew that persimmons were out of season.’
    • ‘The secretary began peeling a persimmon and preparing tea.’
    • ‘But the old country folks still eat persimmons too.’
  • 2The tree which yields the persimmon, related to ebony.

    Genus Diospyros, family Ebenaceae: the North American D. virginiana, an evergreen with dark red fruit, and the Japanese persimmon (D. kaki), cultivated for its orange fruit

    • ‘Indeed, it was only last week that I noticed the change of colour in the leaves of the persimmon tree in our front yard.’
    • ‘He spoke of the persimmon trees, climbing them, laying under them.’
    • ‘Cold-tolerant persimmons are small, beautiful trees that yield small, sweet fruit harvested in the fall.’
    • ‘Winter propagation of deciduous plants will be covered, and we'll discuss the interesting persimmon tree as well.’
    • ‘Sitting by our persimmon tree last fall I watched a robin stretch out to peck off a piece of the bright, ripe fruit.’


Early 17th century: alteration of Algonquian pessemmins.