Definition of Pernod in US English:



  • An anise-flavored liqueur.

    • ‘Add the Pernod and simmer until reduced by half, about two minutes.’
    • ‘Add the Noilly Prat or vermouth and Pernod, then cook until reduced right down.’
    • ‘He tells her that Pernod isn't good for her, and she scoffs at him.’
    • ‘His drinks of choice are Pernod, Tequila, Southern Comfort, Jim Beam and any Scotch whisky that costs more than Chivas Regal.’
    • ‘That helped improve operating profit at Pernod's main wine and spirits unit by between 8% and 10% and reduce debt to about E1.8 billion at year end.’
    • ‘We then skipped desserts, but accepted a Pernod as the nightcap.’
    • ‘Carlos came back with a tray of bottles: Gin, whiskey, Pernod, Fernet Branca and a small bottle of bitters.’
    • ‘The liquorice and aniseed aromas and flavours are so dominant that you could be drinking Pernod or Ricard - at about half the price.’
    • ‘Pour over the wine and drizzle with a little Pernod.’
    • ‘A half-empty bottle of Pernod sits on his desk beside the box of doughnuts.’


Named after the manufacturing firm Pernod Fils.