Definition of permutate in English:



  • Change the order or arrangement of.

    ‘statistics may be sorted and permutated according to requirements’
    • ‘Rapidly his mind permutated the possible consequences that might ensue.’
    • ‘In subsequent works, he created permutating, off-centered grids with spray paint applied through stencils.’
    • ‘The reason folk music is so satisfying is because it is music that's thousands of years old, permutated by each person that touches it and adds another line or a melody.’
    • ‘The experiment-wide 5% significance level for CIM was determined by permutating the marker and trait data 1000 times.’
    • ‘The emigration distances were permutated so that any possible effects of emigration distance, sequential number of consecutive emigration, and colony identity were dissociated.’
    • ‘For each such permutated data set, the mapping procedure was applied, resulting in a corresponding value of the test statistics LOD score.’
    • ‘Our current work here employs no permutated genomes or other large excursions from wild type.’
    • ‘Marker order was permutated after each marker was added.’
    • ‘Further blinding was achieved through the allocation sequence, in which randomly permutated block sizes of two and four were used.’
    • ‘In conducting such a test, the entry order of the trait data in the analysis was randomly permutated.’
    • ‘Sequence of the 4 exposure conditions was permutated.’
    • ‘We generated permutated blocks of size four for each participating hospital.’
    • ‘For each permutation, the probability of the permutated genotypic distribution was estimated.’
    • ‘The shortest random permutated tree had 615 characters.’
    • ‘Ideas endlessly repeated and permutated become platitudinous, trite, meaningless.’
    • ‘All 10,000 permutated data sets had slopes greater than zero.’
    • ‘In order to permutate the data we randomly reordered columns of stem nucleotides while maintaining the set of parentheses indicating the secondary structure.’
    • ‘It is for five instruments, four of them accompanying the piano in permutated combinations, duets comprising the most extended passages.’
    • ‘The phenotypes and marker genotypes were shuffled 1000 times and the tests were performed on each permutated data set.’
    improve, make better, better, ameliorate, refine, mend, rectify, correct, rehabilitate
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Late 19th century: regarded as a back-formation from permutation.