Definition of permissiveness in US English:



  • Great or excessive freedom of behavior.

    ‘a new age of sexual permissiveness’
    ‘the permissiveness of the 1960s’
    • ‘Over the course of an hour, he made several stabs at the city's permissiveness.’
    • ‘I did not argue that less permissiveness would lead to more violence.’
    • ‘The responses of the women generally did not support a hypothesis about greater permissiveness in sexual behavior.’
    • ‘The biotech industry has grown up in an era of almost complete permissiveness.’
    • ‘Permissiveness is ignoring misbehavior or failing to set reasonable limits on behavior.’
    • ‘Perhaps they give him the same sense of permissiveness that allowed them to find their unique artistic voices nearly 40 years ago.’
    • ‘Even in an age of moral permissiveness, such behaviour was held to be politically unacceptable.’
    • ‘If you're right, then society would be foolish not to just try out a little more permissiveness.’
    • ‘In his world, the norm would be one of extreme social permissiveness.’
    • ‘When all things are permissible, then permissiveness loses its allure.’