Definition of permeability in US English:



  • 1The state or quality of a material or membrane that causes it to allow liquids or gases to pass through it.

    ‘the size of hole needed depends on the permeability of the soil’
    ‘intestinal permeability was measured’
    • ‘The permeability property of a seed coat should be related to its structure.’
    • ‘In other words, the permeability barrier is selectively transparent for transporter proteins.’
    • ‘The permeability is reduced as the natural clay content or bentonite content increases.’
    • ‘The disturbance of membrane permeability was confirmed by electron microscope.’
    • ‘Heat has also been observed to induce skin permeability changes.’
    • ‘Considerable evidence supports the presence of increased small intestinal permeability in Crohn's disease.’
    • ‘Pesticide movement is affected by soil texture, permeability, and organic matter content.’
    • ‘A model is presented to relate intracellular lifetime to true membrane diffusional permeability.’
    • ‘The overall passive permeability barrier of the cells depended upon which side was the donor.’
    • ‘But a more fundamental issue was the gas permeability of the polymer.’
    • ‘Unlike intestinal permeability, pulmonary permeability did not seem to be affected by disease activity.’
    • ‘Animal studies have shown it to be of benefit in decreasing vascular permeability and improving vascular tone and blood flow.’
    • ‘Albumin also may be decreased due to increased capillary permeability and leakage in surrounding tissues.’
    • ‘Compaction reduces the permeability of the soil and increases its shear strength and bearing capacity.’
    • ‘One potential consequence of increased intestinal permeability is microbial translocation.’
    • ‘High concentrations did not significantly affect the permeability of acetone.’
    • ‘Two of the five participants had abnormally high permeability; the intestinal permeability of all five decreased.’
    • ‘Approximately 20 percent of AIDS patients also have abnormal intestinal permeability.’
    • ‘The rapid chloride permeability test meets these goals.’
    • ‘Texture affects permeability, or the ability of soils to drain water.’
  • 2Physics
    A quantity measuring the influence of a substance on the magnetic flux in the region it occupies.

    • ‘The coefficient of permeability remains constant during consolidation.’
    • ‘He calculated that a material that had a negative permittivity and a negative permeability would also have a negative refractive index.’
    • ‘To derive unitary permeability coefficients, however, a slightly different method is required.’
    • ‘Generally, solute permeability decreases as the reflection coefficient increases.’
    • ‘Higher temperatures reaching up to 50°C enhanced cuticular water permeability by approximately one order of magnitude.’