Definition of permanent set in English:

permanent set


  • An irreversible deformation that remains in a structure or material after it has been subjected to stress.

    • ‘The compressive yield strength of magnesium alloys is defined as the stress necessary to produce 0.2 per cent permanent set.’
    • ‘The magnitude of the permanent set in the core and case is affected by yield strength of the material, thickness of the case, and by the amount and nature of the nitrides formed.’
    • ‘Higher-carbon steels such as 1070 to 1095 are especially suitable for springs where resistance to fatigue and permanent set are required.’
    • ‘If the load were eliminated at point B the specimen would not go back to its original dimension but instead take a permanent set.’
    • ‘It responds to heat treatment on the improved permanent set stress and ultimate strength with some loss of elongation.’