Definition of perma-tan in US English:



  • A permanent suntan.

    ‘his perma-tan and gleaming white teeth’
    • ‘Two weeks later, he's back in the office with a permatan to die for.’
    • ‘The jutting jawline, permatan and thick Austrian accent are iconic for action movie fans across the world.’
    • ‘While there's still a little charm under that permatan, it's getting tougher for him to sell the goods on only a smile.’
    • ‘I'd often puzzled about the guy's permatan.’
    • ‘He's in the rudest of health, complete with orange permatan and ever-thickening hair.’
    • ‘How's a minister to top up his permatan?’
    • ‘Paul, who gives the introductory talk, does, it's true, look every inch the surf dude with his sun-bleached hair and permatan.’
    • ‘He stunned colleagues and political opponents last week when he announced his decision to take his high-octane charm and permatan out of the spotlight to focus on being a husband and father.’
    • ‘He has spent years sun-worshipping and is almost as famous for his permatan as his movie career.’
    • ‘The ladies are fine and friendly and most of the other male members of staff are fine - it's just this one chap with a permatan.’
    • ‘Davenport's permatan has faded to a pallid grey.’
    • ‘While mainstream US sitcoms paint a picture of a utopian world where everyone wanders around in skimpy clothing with permatans and oodles of cash, Little Britain had no qualms about portraying us as a nation of weirdos.’
    • ‘Small and dapper with a permatan, he has been described by one acquaintance as resembling a cheesy US Senator.’
    • ‘The pony-tail, permatan and goatee beard may not fit the archetypal image of a Scots philanthropist.’
    • ‘As we left the building to get groceries, we noticed the boys were talking to a middle-aged man with a George Hamiltonesque permatan.’