Definition of perfusate in US English:



  • A fluid used in perfusion.

    • ‘The characteristics of the perfusate did not significantly change in terms of blood temperature, pH, sodium concentration, or hematocrit throughout the experiment and were comparable between the groups.’
    • ‘The rats were then treated with isoproterenol via the perfusate.’
    • ‘They found that lungs flushed with a high perfusate volume given at a high flow rate resulted in significantly better cooling of the lungs and better lung function after reperfusion.’
    • ‘We allowed flow to continue until less than 1 drop of perfusate drained from the circulation in 10 seconds.’
    • ‘After a further 15 min of perfusion with isosmolar perfusate, we added back leukocytes to the perfusate before instilling either acid or saline in the airway.’