Definition of performance-enhancing in English:



  • Denoting or relating to a substance, typically one banned for use in competitive events, that is taken by an athlete to improve their performance.

    ‘she was banned from competition for two years after admitting she had used performance-enhancing drugs’
    • ‘Our experts have determined the stimulant is performance-enhancing.’
    • ‘The World Anti-Doping Agency lists over 400 performance-enhancing drugs, from amphetamines to cannabis to steroids.’
    • ‘Will athletic regulators have to look out for a new class of performance-enhancing substances?’
    • ‘Some coaches and parents look the other way and even actively encourage the use of performance-enhancing substances in pursuit of scholarships.’
    • ‘It has recently become popular as an ingredient in weight-loss and performance-enhancing supplements in America.’
    • ‘There is little need for illicit performance-enhancing substances in the average high school athlete's competitive endeavors.’
    • ‘The new book brings together the latest and most comprehensive scientific information about performance-enhancing substances.’
    • ‘Her ex-husband has reportedly told investigators she did use performance-enhancing drugs.’
    • ‘The ethical issue of using performance-enhancing substances that are not banned has not been resolved.’
    • ‘Every now and then a new performance-enhancing nutrient no one's ever heard of starts showing up on store shelves.’
    • ‘When people think of performance-enhancing drugs, they usually think of steroids.’
    • ‘Peter says his dad could not understand why an athlete would take performance-enhancing drugs or accept money to compete.’
    • ‘It is widely suspected that many of today's school rugby players take the legal performance-enhancing drug creatine.’
    • ‘In a move sure to be controversial, the test subjects would be given safe doses of performance-enhancing drugs for a limited time.’
    • ‘Despite their name, corticosteroids are not the same as performance-enhancing steroids used by athletes.’