Definition of perfect crime in US English:

perfect crime


  • A crime so ingeniously contrived and carefully executed that it cannot be detected or solved.

    ‘the murder has the hallmarks of the perfect crime—no witnesses, no motive, no evidence’
    • ‘The case involved two intelligent, young men who conspired and conducted a kidnap-murder scheme as part of an elaborate game to commit and get away with the perfect crime.’
    • ‘After 28 years, several different murder teams and thousands of man-hours, they finally got their man - a man who detectives say thought he had committed the perfect crime.’
    • ‘A gang of misfits are rounded up to commit the perfect crime, but the bungling burglars bite off more than they can chew in this screwball comedy.’
    • ‘It was the perfect crime, but a crime nonetheless.’
    • ‘Her action has led to the arrest of the partner and her son, who believed they had executed a perfect crime.’