Definition of perfect binding in US English:

perfect binding


  • A form of bookbinding in which the leaves are bound by gluing, after the back folds have been cut off, rather than by sewing.

    • ‘It's impossible to make a perfect machine, so I don't expect a perfect binding.’
    • ‘Additionally, the perfect binding will make it less likely that the cover will be pulled off and harder for the mail carrier to fold.’
    • ‘It has had trouble in the past binding and compiling these, which have had to be sent to other printers for the perfect binding to be completed properly and on time.’
    • ‘Not just labels, it includes standardised brown paper with peel-off corner stickers that help in perfect binding.’
    • ‘Then it turned out that they couldn't really do what they said they could do - perfect binding.’


perfect binding

/pərˈfɛkt ˈbaɪndɪŋ/