Definition of perchance in English:



archaic, literary
  • By some chance; perhaps.

    ‘we dare not go ashore lest perchance we should fall into some snare’
    • ‘I must put away this lovely diary posthaste, lest someone perchance read it and learn of my secret identity!’
    • ‘Anyway, I wish you a great life Scarlet and perchance we shall meet again.’
    • ‘Could it perchance be that we aren't producing the right stuff, because we don't have enough of a rugby culture, because an embarrassingly small number of new recruits has been attracted by successive ‘strategies’ laid out by the blazers?’
    • ‘Through the years the myth has arisen that New Yorkers are the most sophisticated of sports fans, ready to cheer what they consider a great performance even if, perchance, it is recorded by someone who plays for a team in another city.’
    • ‘Or maybe, perchance, every human born unto this world is in possession of a soul.’
    by chance, by any chance, by some chance, as it may be, as it may happen, as things may turn out
    maybe, perhaps, possibly, for all one knows, conceivably
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Middle English: from Old French par cheance by chance.