Definition of perceptive in English:



  • Having or showing sensitive insight.

    ‘an extraordinarily perceptive account of their relationship’
    • ‘It provides a perceptive insight into one of the great maritime mysteries of modern times.’
    • ‘She has such a sharp and perceptive intellect and can express complex ideas really clearly.’
    • ‘He was friendly, though, and very perceptive and sharp, but oftentimes he let his pen do the talking for him.’
    • ‘We grow more sensitive, more perceptive, more aware of others.’
    • ‘I felt he was a sensitive, poetic, perceptive and natural person.’
    • ‘Natives of the Taurus-Scorpio group are enormously perceptive and highly sensitive.’
    • ‘This man is part of history and his observations were perceptive, wise, eloquent, witty and charming.’
    • ‘You are perceptive and sensitive so listen to your intuition or gut feelings.’
    • ‘The witticisms of Oscar Wilde are without a doubt some of the most amusing and perceptive observations on society.’
    • ‘While in general that's a remarkably perceptive observation, somehow it does not seem to apply to this place.’
    • ‘It is both a wry and perceptive critique of the colonial system and a sharply observed account of childhood.’
    • ‘The answer was not the result of any particularly perceptive insight; nor was I alone in giving it.’
    • ‘But no other book of the period offers such a perceptive account of how the colonial bourgeoisie lived and thought.’
    • ‘It also offers some perceptive insights into the personal and political place of art in modern life.’
    • ‘The pathos of this account is well complemented by a robust sense of humour and perceptive insights into human nature.’
    • ‘What an extraordinarily perceptive insight into so much of the rage that inflames the world today.’
    • ‘It is here that the conscious thought and the perceptive experience flow.’
    • ‘You are subtle and gracious yet keenly perceptive and observant at work, missing nothing but noting every detail or omission.’
    • ‘She had always been quiet as a child, thoughtful and passive but very intuitive and perceptive.’
    • ‘It is a perceptive account of life in an occupied city, in which victors and vanquished alike are corrupted and demoralized.’
    insightful, discerning, responsive, sensitive, observant
    piercing, penetrating, percipient, perspicacious, penetrative, intelligent, clever, canny, keen, sharp, sharp-witted, quick-witted, astute, shrewd, subtle, quick, ready, clear, acute, discriminating
    intuitive, thoughtful, deep, profound
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