Definition of perceptibly in US English:



  • See perceptible

    • ‘Our position as voyeurs in the ill-fated lives of the Smith family is like watching a train wreck: it's mesmerizing in its power, but you're unchanged when it's over - except your shock threshold moves perceptibly outward.’
    • ‘It ended up extending to some 60 comments (at time of writing this post), but hadn't advanced perceptibly beyond the points I made in my primary post.’
    • ‘Even when the content of a narrative is drawn from the world, the mode of presentation must differ perceptibly, if only slightly, from a pure imitation of real world events.’
    • ‘The market's appetite for risk has changed perceptibly in the last two to three weeks.’
    • ‘‘The burden of sin and guilt and the fear of hell vanished from my mind, as perceptibly as an hundred pounds weight falling from a man's shoulder,’ he remembered.’