Definition of pepsinogen in US English:



  • A substance which is secreted by the stomach wall and converted into the enzyme pepsin by gastric acid.

    ‘serum pepsinogen’
    count noun ‘high concentrations of pepsinogens’
    • ‘This process is autocatalytic for some pro-enzymes such as pepsinogen [23-25] and cathepsins D and E.’
    • ‘Examples of important proenzymes include pepsinogen, trypsinogen and chymotrypsinogen, which give rise to the proteolytic digestive enzymes.’
    • ‘In the stomach, pepsinogen is secreted, and activated into pepsin by the acid that is secreted at the same site.’
    • ‘Ginger is an excellent natural antacid because it prevents the breakdown of pepsinogen to pepsin: the latter irritates tissue to cause peptic ulcers.’
    • ‘The sensitivity of the assay is not great enough to detect the small quantity of pepsinogen known to be present in blood (presumably after direct absorption from gastric mucosal cells).’