Definition of peppercorn in English:



  • The dried berry of a climbing vine, used whole as a spice or crushed or ground to make pepper.

    See pepper (sense 3 of the noun)
    • ‘When they sampled out new chèvre flavors, customers made it clear that garlic chive and peppercorn should stay and that smoked trout and jalapeño should not.’
    • ‘In a spice grinder, combine the whole black pepper, white peppercorns, and allspice.’
    • ‘While working on the dates, I boiled down the wine with honey and spices - whole black peppercorns, allspice, clove, cinnamon, and a bay leaf, along with grated zest of orange.’
    • ‘Yet the spices used are all familiar to us: curry leaf, fenugreek, cumin, cardamom, turmeric, coriander, cinnamon, nutmeg, black peppercorn, garam masala, dried chilies, ginger and garlic.’
    • ‘The ‘green pepper’ element turned out to be the green peppercorn sauce that the three chicken fillets were served in, rather than pieces of green pepper.’
    • ‘Other easy sides include fresh green onion, sliced fresh fennel, green peppercorn mustard, and extra-large caperberries.’
    • ‘‘This dish is made with a semi-soft cow's milk cheese that is over-ripened in Zweigelt red wine for two weeks,’ he continued as he served a neat wedge with peppercorn and sweet fig sauce.’
    • ‘Then, at a more exclusive, upmarket and therefore costly restaurant, a diner friend ordered the pepper steak, a dish noted for its lashings of peppery sauce with real peppercorns.’
    • ‘The bunches of unripe berries picked from this parasitical climber of betel, palm and mango trees are dried in the sun to become peppercorn, the spice that was valued above all others.’
    • ‘The pic on the right is the chutney simmering away on the stove, with the spice bag (blades of mace, coriander seeds, black peppercorn, fresh ginger, cloves…) in the foreground.’
    • ‘Place a slice of marinated salmon, two coriander seeds, one cilantro leaf, and one green peppercorn in the center of a plate.’
    • ‘Add whole peppercorn, hot water, salt, turmeric, and the tempered spices.’
    • ‘There is also a sort of pepper called decorticated black pepper which has had the skin of the peppercorn removed by machine and is therefore white.’
    • ‘And talking of mills, she tells us that a proper scale model of the solar system, using a bowling ball for the sun, would represent the 8,000-mile-wide earth with a peppercorn placed 78 ft distant from the ball.’
    • ‘Each egg was about the size of a peppercorn, somewhat flattened, and brown around the circumference.’
    • ‘Add the sliced potatoes, boil thoroughly and put the browned carrot, onion, parsley, bay leaf, peppercorn, garlic and celery in the broth.’
    • ‘However, the pepper sauce was more like a red wine jus and there was neither sight nor sound of a peppercorn.’
    • ‘Cloves, several sorts of peppercorn, carrots and onions perfume the raw fish, and lend it a wonderfully aromatic warmth.’
    • ‘Start the potatoes first, then make the green peppercorn sauce; keep it warm over low heat while you cook the beef.’
    • ‘I use smooth Dijon or, when I can find it, green peppercorn mustard.’
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