Definition of pepper vine in US English:

pepper vine


  • A bushy vine of the grape family, originally cultivated but now established in much of the southeastern US. It bears blackish fruits sought after by wildlife.

    Ampelopsis arborea, family Vitaceae

    • ‘This is cardamom country, nutmeg too, where spices grow along the roadside, and where pepper vines wind their tendrils around banana palms and over camellia bushes.’
    • ‘The British did not subjugate her, rather they allowed her to blossom, much like the support a rubber tree gives to the twisting pepper vine that grows in its shadow.’
    • ‘The three groups of paleoherbs are Aristolochiales (birthwort, Dutchman's pipe), Piperales (pepper vine, lizard's tails), and Nymphaeales (lotus, waterlilies).’
    • ‘Because the canopy is relatively open here, the vegetation is often overgrown with rattan vine, greenbrier, wild grape, pepper vine, trumpet creeper, Virginia creeper, and poison ivy.’
    • ‘Examination of the site indicated that potential weed problems included clumps of guineagrass, pepper vine [Ampelopsis arborea (L.) Koehne], passion-flower, and other species.’