Definition of pepper shaker in US English:

pepper shaker


North American
  • A container with a perforated top for sprinkling pepper.

    • ‘A small fridge is nestled beside him, salt and pepper shakers stand in the centre console and a bed stretches behind the seats.’
    • ‘Those salt and pepper shakers cost us a fortune.’
    • ‘Look closely and you'll see a black circle near the bottom of the pepper shaker, an open circle on the salt.’
    • ‘Just don't help yourself to the salt and pepper shakers.’
    • ‘I would shake it like it was a pepper shaker.’
    • ‘When he reached for the pepper shaker at the same time she did, she thrust herself back in her chair and crossed her arms across her braless bosom.’
    • ‘Lori mixes the graphic shapes freely with her collection of colorful 1950s kitchenware, including 500 pairs of salt and pepper shakers.’
    • ‘Her favorite hobby was collecting her many salt and pepper shakers.’
    • ‘There are linen placemats out, a bottle of Tabasco, a pepper shaker.’
    • ‘Mandy took the pepper shaker and smashed it against the ground.’
    • ‘I switched the salt and pepper shakers.’
    • ‘Salt and pepper shakers were replaced by single-serve sachets.’
    • ‘Using salt cellars and pepper shakers, they questioned every orthodoxy and changed prevailing attitudes in the English game.’
    • ‘All of a sudden my mom picks up the salt and pepper shakers and throws them at my dad's head.’
    • ‘Simple tasks such as refilling salt and pepper shakers can seem almost too difficult.’
    • ‘You know, put the salt in the pepper shaker and the pepper in the salt shaker.’
    • ‘Be sure to check out the salt and pepper shakers.’
    • ‘Look at these funky little salt and pepper shakers.’
    • ‘Buy them a pepper shaker even.’
    • ‘My father sat down at the kitchen table and considered the pig-shaped salt and pepper shakers.’