Definition of pepper mill in US English:

pepper mill


  • A device for grinding peppercorns by hand to make pepper.

    • ‘Spoon the vegetables, barley and plenty of broth into shallow bowls with flakes of sea salt and several firm grinds of the pepper mill.’
    • ‘Staff are witty and efficient and dispense wonderfully coarsely ground black pepper from a larger-than-life pepper mill with great panache.’
    • ‘The waiter got fussy with the fresh Parmesan and pepper mill, making us feel like we were somewhere more high-end.’
    • ‘Bring up the heat to medium-high, then toss in the potato bits and the rosemary, and add a couple pinches of coarse salt and five or six twists from the pepper mill.’
    • ‘Keep the pepper mill clean by draping plastic wrap or wax paper over the knob.’
    • ‘About 10 cranks of the pepper mill was about right for me.’
    • ‘I could have set it in a pepper mill, to tell you the truth, but that would have been far less fun.’
    • ‘The tables are all set with their own pepper mills and the cutlery is Thai bronze.’
    • ‘Make the dressing by beating together a tablespoon or two of olive oil, 2 teaspoons or so of balsamic vinegar, 1 crushed clove of garlic, a squeeze of fresh lemon juice, a pinch of salt and three turns of the pepper mill.’
    • ‘We are both transfixed by his friends' battery-operated pepper mill.’
    • ‘While we waited, hot freshly baked bread rolls were brought to the table along with a very large pepper mill.’
    • ‘The meal was ok, and in celebration I stole the salt and pepper mills off the table.’
    • ‘His lips were pursed; he was staring at the tall, ornate pepper mill that stood in an alcove behind the bar like a religious icon.’
    • ‘This is a real breath of fresh air on our kitchen counter, since we've had to put up with a variety of frustratingly contrary pepper mills for quite a while.’
    • ‘I'll spend all my money buying French pepper mills and have nothing left for food.’
    • ‘Of course, we did get some presents: a double duvet cover (with matching pillow cases), a salad bowl, a pepper mill and a milk jug.’
    • ‘Facing the recipes was an ad for something I've been fighting the urge to buy for ten years: an electronic pepper mill.’
    • ‘Out the back I see things like giant pepper mills, which grind the coal into dust to be squirted into the furnaces.’
    • ‘The smell of gently sautéed garlic, the whir of a pepper mill, the clang of a paella pan.’
    • ‘I also had a good go at fixing our battery powered pepper mill which, having given six months of sterling labour-saving service, recently decided to grind no more.’


pepper mill

/ˈpepər ˌmil/