Definition of pep talk in US English:

pep talk


  • A talk intended to make someone feel more courageous or enthusiastic.

    • ‘The visit is seen locally as a preliminary pep talk for the Local Elections next year and he will endeavour to rally all the members for those elections.’
    • ‘The Minister has never missed the chance to give a pep talk to the heads of district administration on development projects at such conferences.’
    • ‘Today, after a pep talk from the folks, some beers from my friends and a good old English Breakfast cuppa I'm relishing the challenge.’
    • ‘After the service, he rose to give the soldiers a pep talk and discuss the next morning's mission.’
    • ‘I had so much fun getting there that I had no problem listening to a pep talk rallying the girls and pointing out the error of their cliques.’
    • ‘The manager delivered a pep talk and the words propelled Douglas through arguably the finest season of his career, and certainly the most satisfying.’
    • ‘One is to wear headphones as you work and listen to some favourite music, cooking lessons or an inspirational pep talk.’
    • ‘The prime minister recently gave a pep talk to Liberal MPs in Canberra.’
    • ‘She gave her employees a pep talk, and the TV cameras, of course, captured it all live.’
    • ‘Give yourself a daily pep talk to put your friendliest self forward.’
    • ‘It was an emotional boardroom last night and not only did you get canned or fired, but you also got a little pep talk in the end.’
    • ‘Can you tell that that last paragraph was like a pep talk to myself?’
    • ‘The Really Big Boss tried to give a pep talk, which we needed, but it wasn't really making anyone feel better.’
    • ‘Yesterday his side may have emerged anew after a half-time pep talk from their manager, but their first-half display was woeful.’
    • ‘But, the pep talk apart, where does Bollywood stand in terms of competition?’
    • ‘I am giving him a pep talk now and it seems like I'm his counsellor or something.’
    • ‘If your first instinct is to scurry into a corner, give yourself a personal pep talk first.’
    • ‘At the beginning, they gave me the mandatory pep talk about what was expected.’
    • ‘Sometimes a teacher would come in and give us a pep talk or possible tips.’
    • ‘The sales reps are driving you up the wall with their pep talk and the brochures are not helpful either.’
    tirade, lecture, diatribe, homily, polemic, rant, fulmination, broadside, verbal attack, verbal onslaught, invective
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pep talk

/ˈpep ˌtôk//ˈpɛp ˌtɔk/