Definition of pep in English:



  • Energy and high spirits; liveliness.

    ‘he was an enthusiastic player, full of pep and fight’
    • ‘I always return from weekend workshops with major pep in my step, looking forward to (rather than dreading) my next day at work.’
    • ‘In this vein, the 2001 cast mounted their roles with pep and enthusiasm.’
    • ‘Those who follow his advice should feel themselves fresh, charming, agile, vigorous, and full of pep.’
    • ‘But if he's reading this, I'd really love to find out what gives the man so much pep.’
    • ‘She had also been flocked, and now her pep and spirit were pretty much gone.’
    • ‘To add pep to the proceedings, a surprise guest from the film world was to make her appearance onstage, soon after the formal inauguration was over.’
    • ‘Spiritualism added the necessary pep to the cult of the nation.’
    • ‘Well, you know, it has got a lot of pep, it's got a lot of zip.’
    • ‘I have enough pep, thank you, I'm just saving it for when I get home.’
    • ‘In the case of Britain, while the gains are less spectacular, punters going there will also have extra pep in their step.’
    • ‘It begins with some pep as the drums warm up to a breakbeat, but the band proceeds to wander into a straight-ahead punk frolic, then later to standard down-tempo balladry.’
    • ‘Sophia shook her head, shrugged, and continued to skip down the stairs with enthusiasm and pep.’
    • ‘These games, interspersed with song and dance numbers, added pep to the whole show and saw the participation of the older generation.’
    • ‘I've been thinking that I'd like to replace my current car with one that gets 50 mpg, but figured with putting that criteria first and foremost, spaciousness and driving pep would suffer.’
    • ‘It also had enough pep to cope with higher speeds and was perfectly happy in its top-end performance.’
    • ‘When the moment came, the buffs took to their feet with pep and vigour.’
    • ‘I groaned as she launched into a speech that was way too loud and full of pep for the morning.’
    • ‘Not surprisingly, depressed people lack pep and energy.’
    • ‘Leftovers of this salad keep surprisingly well - though they do lose a bit of pep and crunch - for up to two days in the refrigerator, sealed in an airtight container.’
    • ‘Oh, but I was very tired by the end of the evening and driving home took the last of my pep, so off to bed with me.’
    dynamism, life, go, energy, spirit, liveliness, animation, bounce, sparkle, effervescence, fizz, verve, spiritedness, ebullience, high spirits, enthusiasm, initiative, vitality, vivacity, fire, dash, panache, elan, snap, zest, zeal, exuberance, vigour, gusto, drive, push, brio
    feistiness, get-up-and-go, gumption, oomph, pizzazz, vim, zing, zip
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[WITH OBJECT]pep someone/something up
  • Add liveliness or vigor to someone or something.

    ‘measures to pep up the economy’
    • ‘Maybe that was his way of pepping himself and his wife up.’
    • ‘With the hip and happening credit-card citizenry pepping up its level of sophistication, speciality restaurants are in for more.’
    • ‘For the uninitiated, chicken paillard is strips of thin, marinated, char-grilled chicken, and it had a great accompaniment in the mash, which was nicely pepped up by some fine, flaky black pudding.’
    • ‘Instantly, the water pepped him, and he was able to fully open his eyes.’
    • ‘The organisers, further pepped up the evening with a host of games, that had the audience all over the floor, quite literally.’
    • ‘Children were pepped up so much that they organised a valedictory function on their own.’
    • ‘At least two channels are pepping up the visual repast with highlight packages of their multi-starrer stage shows that recently made the rounds in West Asia.’
    • ‘Well I'm going to go hang with your other students, get them all pepped up.’
    • ‘After that, the hope is to up the ante and get this site pepping with some more meaty offerings (along with a design upgrade) within the time allotted.’
    • ‘He was so pepped up after running with the crew that he ran again after work.’
    • ‘Even as the excitement could sink in, Samba dancers, flown in all the way from Rio de Janeiro, pepped up the mood with a flashy and scintillating performance, wiggling every inch of their bodies.’
    • ‘Audio quality is a bit more pleasing, with clear voices and lively music pepping things up.’
    • ‘It had also pepped up his spirits to realise a higher dream like participating in an international event.’
    • ‘Some are pepped up versions of standards: miso soup with tender calamari.’
    • ‘The children are usually depressed and need to be pepped up.’
    • ‘Although I found the coconut chutney too bitter, the accompanying warm sumbhar sauce pepped up a combination that was in danger of being a little bland.’
    • ‘But soon, the trainers pepped up Charlie with a little bit of sweet-talking.’
    • ‘Within mainstream youth culture, amphetamines were being used for everything from weight-loss and bedwetting to pepping up the performance of the Sunday pub league football team.’
    • ‘Towards the end, the band pepped up the pace, launched itself into top gear and made the guys in front get on to their feet for the finale of the evening.’
    • ‘A sneak trailer of the movie, to be released in July pepped up the distributors and guarantees undiluted action.’
    improve, enliven, animate, liven up, put new life into, put some life into, invigorate, vitalize, revitalize, vivify, ginger up, energize, electrify, galvanize, put some spark into, stimulate, get something going, add zest to, perk up, brighten up, cheer up
    season, spice, add spice to, pepper, leaven, flavour, add flavouring to
    buck up
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Early 20th century: abbreviation of pepper.




Definition of PEP in English:


  • 1Personal equity plan.

  • 2Political and Economic Planning.