Definition of People's Party in US English:

People's Party

proper noun

  • Another name for the Populist Party.

    • ‘In some states the party was known as the People's party.’
    • ‘Switzerland's ultra-right People's party has rocked the country's political system after emerging as the clear winner of Sunday's general election.’
    • ‘His biggest risk is his party-pleasing threat to pull out of the centre-right European People's party in the European parliament.’
    • ‘The People's party promptly reinstalled an all-Yankee school board, and the administrators and teachers in schools were again firmly Protestant and militantly anti-Catholic.’
    • ‘Leading the well-funded and well-organised ‘no’ campaign is the Swiss People's party, the ultra-nationalist group that is now the country's biggest political force.’
    • ‘The European People's party, a grouping that includes British Tories, has withdrawn an internal memo from its treasurer setting out the position on Christmas expenses.’
    • ‘In Denmark, a centre-right coalition underpinned by the ultra-right Danish People's party swept to power last November.’