Definition of pensionless in US English:



  • See pension

    • ‘Indeed, he hearkens back to the days when a pensionless major league career was followed by a few years of decline in the minor leagues before opening up a hardware store.’
    • ‘Many worked ‘on the lump’, which made the mainly Irish building contractors who employed them very rich; by contrast many of the their labourers live in rented accommodation, mostly pensionless.’
    • ‘Up to 15 financial institutions are lining up special products to entice close to 500,000 pensionless Irish workers to take out tax efficient Personal Retirement Savings Accounts.’
    • ‘The company's collapse therefore left many of the 4,500 U.S. employees who were laid off pensionless as well as jobless.’
    • ‘They have gone under - remunerated and pensionless for many years, at least in comparison to MPs and MSPs. Even those with the biggest responsibility of leading vast city administrations are earning little more than 25,000.’