Definition of pennycress in US English:



  • A weed of the cabbage family, similar to shepherd's purse but with deeply notched, flat round pods. Native to Europe, it has become well established in North America.

    Thlaspi arvense, family Brassicaceae

    • ‘For fall control of winter annual broadleaf weeds such as mustard and pennycress, growers should use one of the sulfonylurea herbicides labeled for wheat.’
    • ‘Watch for such common winter annuals as field pennycress, shepherds purse, henbit, blue mustard and treacle mustard (bushy wallflower).’
    • ‘One such plant is alpine pennycress, Thlaspi caerulescens, a wild perennial herb found on zinc- and nickel-rich soils in many countries.’
    • ‘Irrigated winter wheat is often seeded late behind a summer crop such as dry beans and as a result is not competitive with winter annual weeds such as tansy mustard and field pennycress.’
    • ‘The genetic differentiation into winter and summer annual biotypes in grain lupin and pennycress is also known to be under the control of one or two genes.’
    • ‘Alpine pennycress is one of these plants with a penchant for sucking up metals and storing them.’
    • ‘Below are several products that will provide control of henbit and will provide similar or better control of horseweed, pennycress, and other winter annuals.’
    • ‘It controls pennycress, shepherd's purse, tansy mustard, jointed goatgrass and downy brome.’
    • ‘If your weeds are broadleaf weeds like pennycress and mustards, spray Buctril or Butyrac while weeds are small this fall.’
    • ‘Scout winter wheat fields for winter broadleaf weeds such as field pennycress and tansy mustard.’
    • ‘In the fall check your fields for winter annual broadleaf weeds such as field pennycress.’
    • ‘One plant, alpine pennycress was chosen for intensive study because it accumulates tremendous excesses of some of these elements - as much as 1,000 times more than normal.’
    • ‘Weeds such as henbit and pennycress are winter annuals that generally emerge in the fall.’
    • ‘The worst weeds in winter wheat are those that germinate in the fall with the crop - downy brome, jointed goatgrass, volunteer rye, blue mustard, tansy mustard, field pennycress, wild mustard, and shepherd's purse.’
    • ‘Alpine pennycress, Thlaspi caerulescens, can concentrate cadmium in its leaves up to about 8,000 ppm (parts per million).’
    • ‘The plant is Thlaspi caerulescens, commonly known as alpine pennycress.’
    • ‘The Latin name means that it is a southern pennycress.’
    • ‘This greenhouse study evaluated the biofumigant effects of crushed seed meal from brown mustard and field pennycress.’
    • ‘Weeds like pennycress, downy brome, mustards, cheatgrass, and shepherd's purse are common in first cut alfalfa.’
    • ‘All six herbicides do a good job of controlling broadleaves like pennycress and mustard.’