Definition of penny loafer in US English:

penny loafer


  • A casual leather shoe with a decorative slotted leather strip over the upper, in which a coin may be placed.

    • ‘Join us next time when we attempt to make Dave give up the pennies in his penny loafers.’
    • ‘He must exchange two sacks of potatoes for one pair of penny loafers.’
    • ‘They spilled into her penny loafer burning her foot so badly that almost sixty years later the scar still stands out on the skin across the arch.’
    • ‘In family photos from the period my sister and her friends cavort in penny loafers for the camera.’
    • ‘When I fell into the preppy look in high school, my grandmother donned penny loafers and cardigans, too.’
    • ‘Standard and penny loafers have gained much popularity over the past few seasons.’
    • ‘I was kind of gawking at her while she knelt in the dirt next to me in her impeccable khakis and penny loafers.’
    • ‘You're paying for my ugly and out-of-date penny loafers, by the way, since you've ruined them.’
    • ‘Handsome people in yellow terrycloth pants and penny loafers looking like they just heard the funniest story of there lives.’
    • ‘As a result, the shirts worn to play the game - typically cotton, wide-striped and with a white, three-button collar - became the mufti of former public schoolboys in town, generally worn with jeans and penny loafers.’
    • ‘Along with the famous poodle skirts and ponytails, saddle shoes, penny loafers, and colored sneakers were popular with teenaged bobby-soxers.’
    • ‘It's like pairing a beautiful red satin evening dress with lime green penny loafers.’
    • ‘They were burgundy penny loafers, with shiny pennies in them.’