Definition of penny-pinching in English:



  • Unwilling to spend or share money; miserly; mean.

    • ‘I would suggest that our penny-pinching council visit the war graves in France and Belgium and then decide where priorities lie.’
    • ‘Describing his penny-pinching proclivities, one of his aides said: ‘He'll argue the price of anything down to the last penny.’’
    • ‘They no longer believe in the compulsory quality of those rights, and are in the process of limiting those rights through legislation and penny-pinching practices.’
    • ‘This is a navy kept short of ships by successive penny-pinching governments.’
    • ‘So come on you penny-pinching bureaucrats, put yourselves in their shoes and re-think your selfish decisions.’
    • ‘Their only hope is that they can raise enough opinion of their necessity to sway the penny-pinching trust.’
    • ‘The publication, they maintain, is not just aimed at penny-pinching harpies but at any woman who does not consider it normal to spend €800 on a pair of shoes.’
    • ‘It would also provide billions of pounds for our penny-pinching Chancellor.’
    • ‘But, as usual, the penny-pinching hunters will not let other people lay their hands on their treasure.’
    • ‘This is because of a reluctance to get involved in the very penny-pinching that framers of tax law believe dominates our every waking thought and action.’
    • ‘Owners of 43 homes - 75 per cent of the beds available - say they are being pushed to the brink of bankruptcy by a penny-pinching council that will not pay a fair price.’
    • ‘But senior councillors have been on a penny-pinching exercise since the budget problems were first announced.’
    • ‘Children are the most vulnerable to this menace, but their health will not even be considered in this penny-pinching exercise.’
    • ‘Now she is launching a one-woman drive to make other people aware of what she regards as an underhand and penny-pinching rule.’
    • ‘I got a few anticipatory glances from the penny-pinching woman who couldn't wait to get her hands on my property.’
    • ‘Traditionally, backpackers haven't had two baht to rub together, and joining their number has meant submitting yourself to an unremitting grind of penny-pinching international poverty.’
    • ‘If people are penny-pinching or petty-minded this week, naturally you won't hold back on letting them know it.’
    • ‘Despite the penny-pinching attitude of canny Scots, a recent report revealed that Scotland is one of the best-value regions for getting married in Britain.’
    • ‘Running one would only be a waste of taxpayers' money, which I'm sure our penny-pinching scheme opposers would find horrific!’
    mean, miserly, niggardly, parsimonious, close-fisted, cheese-paring, penurious, scrimping, grasping, greedy, avaricious, scrooge-like, ungenerous, illiberal, close
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  • Unwillingness to spend or share money.

    • ‘Germany's stunning new World Cup stadiums will put Britain's penny-pinching to shame.’
    • ‘The only real upside to this penny-pinching is the extra space in the boot.’
    • ‘It seems mean and penny-pinching to me to have only one New Year in each annual cycle.’
    • ‘It was a little touch of penny-pinching that showed the house had been built for really prosperous people.’
    • ‘At companies where the downturn has not radically reduced sales, penny-pinching can help.’
    • ‘This business will have to be looked at in a way to keep the cost out in front and at the same time not be seen as penny-pinching.’
    • ‘She estimates that her company's penny-pinching adds about $100,000 a year to its bottom line.’
    • ‘The mighty Dragon sneers at the prudent and penny-pinching.’
    • ‘We have no idea why the body should indulge in this metabolic penny-pinching.’
    • ‘Lives will be lost in the Scottish hills as a direct result of government penny-pinching on mountain rescue services, ministers were warned last night.’
    • ‘And he rounded things off with a joke regarding the Scot's notoriety for stinginess and penny-pinching.’
    • ‘If he does not dish out the extra money he will be seen to be heartless and penny-pinching.’
    • ‘The demise of such a useful service is short-sighted and penny-pinching and will prove to be a false economy.’
    • ‘Military privatization, like military penny-pinching, is part of a pattern.’
    • ‘No, I'm not talking about the thrift kind of penny-pinching, I'm talking about lifting an extra cent or two from every overseas transaction involving a credit-card.’
    • ‘Their penny-pinching might have been good for the taxpayer, bad for me.’
    • ‘All that penny-pinching means a lasting headache for the airlines.’
    • ‘As I understand the defence, the real cause of the plaintiffs' poor sales is their incompetence and penny-pinching.’
    • ‘Elizabeth, long cast in a golden glow by historians, appears ‘vain, irresolute, avaricious and penny-pinching,’ and driven by sexual jealousy.’
    • ‘But the reality of most footballers' lives is job uncertainty and penny-pinching to ensure there is enough money put aside for that rainy day.’
    thrift, providence, prudence, thriftiness, canniness, carefulness, care, good management, good husbandry, careful budgeting, economizing, saving, scrimping and saving, scrimping, restraint, frugality, fuel-saving, abstemiousness
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/ˈpɛni ˌpɪntʃɪŋ//ˈpenē ˌpinCHiNG/