Definition of penny-pincher in US English:



  • See penny-pinching

    • ‘Don't these penny-pinchers realize that discounts and freebies aren't always feasible?’
    • ‘Scrooge, the quintessential penny-pincher, never felt the spirit until sequential hallucinations bearing noble messages scared him into generosity.’
    • ‘Go on call me a penny-pincher or a cheapskate, I can take it!’
    • ‘The food was ok, not great, and I guess one could expect more given the fact that this not a place for penny-pinchers: an espresso costs a cool 10 EUR.’
    • ‘But now it transpires that our soldiers truly are being shot by both sides: the patronising ninnies who would prevent them from going to war at all, and the soulless penny-pinchers who think that soldiers matter only when they're fighting.’
    • ‘OK, all you penny-pinchers and budget-watchers, the results are in.’
    • ‘‘I shall show this deceitful small animal breeder with his lust for power; this unfathomable little penny-pincher will find out what I am about.’’
    • ‘But once such a man bequeaths a $300-million collection of art to a public gallery, his image as a penny-pincher will tend to fade away.’
    • ‘His goal is to double revenues to $2 billion by 2005, partly by convincing consumers that the brand isn't just for penny-pinchers anymore.’
    • ‘It's a sign that biodegradable plastics appeal to both the eco-conscious and penny-pinchers.’
    skinflint, miser, scrooge, niggard, cheese-parer
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