Definition of penne in US English:



  • Pasta in the form of short wide tubes.

    • ‘There's a very simple, effective penne pasta tossed with Italian sausage in a basil-flecked tomato cream; at $6 it's enough to share.’
    • ‘My second attempt at a main course was garganelli pasta (like large penne with ridges) with roasted chestnuts, virgin olive oil, sage and Parmesan cheese at £15.36.’
    • ‘I ordered the chicken and penne pasta, with a beer.’
    • ‘It's the homemade and reasonably priced pasta, gnocchi, penne and lasagne that are the biggest draws, however, with spinach, herb, pumpkin and squid ink pastas all available in various styles and with various sauces.’
    • ‘Place penne pasta into the boiling water and cook according to package directions.’
    • ‘We were spoilt for choice, tempted by the range of delicious-sounding starters and main courses - pizzas or pastas, penne or fusilli, meat dishes or seafood stew.’
    • ‘Combining contemporary and traditional dishes, there are pizzas, such as BBQ chicken & bacon, and tempting pastas like penne Arrabiatta with Cajun chicken.’
    • ‘Serve the steak with hot, buttered noodles sprinkled with chopped parsley or penne pasta topped with your favorite marinara sauce.’
    • ‘I've tried spaghetti, fusilli, penne, tagliatelle, linguini and those funny shell-shaped ones.’
    • ‘All sorts of pasta can be used, from thin sheets of lasagne to stubby penne or rigatoni.’
    • ‘Cook the penne pasta as per directions on the box.’
    • ‘Last time, the penne pasta wasn't fresh enough.’
    • ‘The penne salad comes with ‘Italian style chicken, tomato, spinach and basil in a light red pesto dressing’ and has just 266 calories.’
    • ‘Diners choose from spaghetti, fettuccine, penne and capellini noodles and 10 sauces.’
    • ‘If you don't have any corkscrew-shaped fusilli, then quill-like penne or almost any tubular pasta is just as good.’
    • ‘Next is a page with 17 Pasta selections with spaghetti, fettuccine, penne, gnocchi, tortelli, lasagne and tortellini.’
    • ‘I usually try to order the penne pasta at Italian restaurants because they tend to give you less than if you order the longer noodles, especially the angelhair pasta.’
    • ‘Garganelli pasta is like penne but the tube is ridged so it holds more sauce.’
    • ‘I opened the plastic bag of animals, bade her to play, and went upstairs to cook the sausage for the penne pasta.’
    • ‘Ginger had black olive penne pasta with tomato, basil and black olives, topped with Parmesan shavings.’


Italian, plural of penna ‘quill’.