Definition of penetrator in English:



  • 1A person or thing that penetrates something.

    • ‘Thus even restraint of cross-ownership of newspapers and TV - which those of us in diversity's ranks thought a lost cause - may be carried along in the wave of resentment against the 45-percent-of-TV-audience penetrators.’
    • ‘In this respect, gay men can't take what straight couples so easily take for granted; the immediate assumption that one partner will act as the sexual penetrator while the other partner will act as the receiver.’
    • ‘As a penetrator, when it hits an object, it tends to sort of mushroom out, whereas depleted uranium has this tendency to sort of almost sharpen itself as it goes in.’
    • ‘Now, it is practically free for military and arms manufactures and is used in tank armor and extensively in armor-piercing shells known as depleted uranium penetrators.’
    • ‘That could get ugly - and painful, both for the penetrator and the penetrated.’
    1. 1.1 A missile containing a hard alloy rod, designed to penetrate the armor of tanks or fortifications.
      • ‘Instead of an explosive warhead, the missile relies on hypervelocity 5,000 ft/s speed to blast a penetrator rod through the heavy multi-plate armour.’
      • ‘Lead is heavier, but it is so soft that it is useless in a penetrator - lead would deform or disintegrate when the bomb hits the target.’
      • ‘Although heavier than the heaviest World War II bomber, the B-47 was designed to be a medium-range penetrator with approximately a 3,500-nm range.’
      • ‘The Chinese are already selling a 100 mm shells with depleted uranium penetrators, so they obviously know how to deal with depleted uranium.’
      • ‘Even at the moderate velocities developed, this heavy bullet is still a great penetrator.’
      • ‘The BK - 29 round, with a hard penetrator in the nose is designed for use against reactive armor, and as an MP round has fragmentation effects.’
      • ‘The treatment and evacuation of simulated casualties occurs without notice to the student chain of command, and often requires evacuation by use of the jungle penetrator.’
      • ‘The few coherent voices among these fundamentalists argue developing small penetrator nukes will damage international arms-control efforts.’
      • ‘The green tip had a tungsten carbine penetrator at the tip, and would punch holes in metal, but that very penetrating power meant his rounds were passing right through his targets.’
      • ‘The M829A3 is the latest generation kinetic energy round and has an improved penetrator design and propellant.’
      • ‘That method should be sufficient to test previously certified designs under new conditions and allow engineers to safely judge the performance of weapons that would experience the severe shock of earth penetrators.’
      • ‘It was a very sophisticated space probe, it had everything on it, penetrators, balloons, orbiting things, you know, it was just the whole shooting match.’
      • ‘Explosively formed jets and self-forging penetrators are used for precision strike against targets such as armored vehicles and reinforced structures.’
      • ‘The missile is armed with an explosively formed penetrator warhead which can penetrate explosive reactive armour, but is being retrofitted with a bunker-busting blast fragmentation warhead.’
      • ‘We emerged triumphant close to the bow section, exchanged steely stares as befits the penetrators of mighty wrecks, and swam off to pose beside the bow gun.’