Definition of pendant in US English:



  • 1A piece of jewelry that hangs from a chain worn around the neck.

    • ‘Around his neck hung a silver pendant wrought elegantly into the shape of a dragon.’
    • ‘A pendant hung on the chain, nestled in between her collarbones.’
    • ‘Like a pirate reaching into a treasure chest, he brandishes myriad gold chains, pendants, watches, bracelets and rings.’
    • ‘Around her neck was a silver pendant encasing a smooth piece of amber.’
    • ‘The emerald pendant was round in shape, with silver and gold twisting over it like roots.’
    • ‘When the pendant hung around my neck, my mother smiled, ‘It looks beautiful on you Isabel.’’
    • ‘After showing him the pendant hanged around my neck, his face showed confusion.’
    • ‘Gold and silver jewellery pendants, earrings and bracelets in the shape of hearts, have made their appearance.’
    • ‘Around his neck hung a golden pendant on a thin but sturdy chain.’
    • ‘Police said the assailants cornered him in the yard and ripped off two gold chains and a pendant valued $4,000.’
    • ‘The necklace with a diamond pendant hung from her neck.’
    • ‘The men wore gold chains, pendants, girdles, and finger rings.’
    • ‘He unwrapped it to reveal a ruby pendant which hung on a gold chain.’
    • ‘They took a disc pendant on a gold chain that the father had given his wife on their wedding day and also his wife's engagement ring.’
    • ‘My palm was clammy from holding onto the gold pendant hanging from my neck for so long in the summer temperature.’
    • ‘He tied a ribbon around her neck with a diamond pendant hanging from it.’
    • ‘It was a simple gold chain with a unicorn pendant hanging on the end of it.’
    • ‘There was a pewter pendant with a gold chain sitting on it.’
    • ‘Reaching underneath her clothes for the sapphire pendant hanging from the gold chain around her neck, she closed and eyes and kissed it softly as she does every morning.’
    • ‘Learn to make all types of jewellery - bracelets, pendants, brooches and rings, easily and affordably.’
    1. 1.1 A necklace with a pendant.
      • ‘A variety of necklaces, earrings, pendants and rings in the latest models are being put up.’
      • ‘Sipping drinks and smoking like chimneys, the crowd flocked the ramp from all side as models presented sequences for earrings, pendants, necklaces and bracelets.’
      • ‘Of course warriors had developed their own weapons that could help with their magical weakness, most carrying magic necklaces or pendants that contained some form of magic.’
      • ‘The Norfolk finds consisted of three Roman coins, adapted in order that they could be worn as jewellery - probably as pendants hung around the neck.’
      • ‘The women, between 24 and 52 years of age, gave the sketches for pendants, rings, necklaces and bracelets.’
      • ‘Other religious types of necklaces are pendants known as amulets, which are figures or symbols of varying shapes and sizes, which are hung on a chain round the neck.’
      • ‘The collection has necklaces, earrings, pendants, rings, and bracelets.’
      • ‘Separate pearl necklaces, pendants, earrings and necklace are available.’
      • ‘It falls directly over my heart, and this heart is now a fortress of jewels, over a century of the history of the women of my family, their love expressed through their rings and necklaces, pendants and earrings.’
      • ‘Around her neck, her pendant hung like a collar.’
      • ‘The collection has rings, earrings, pendants and necklaces exclusively handcrafted and studded with best quality diamonds for every occasion.’
      • ‘Crowns and tiaras adorned the heads of nobility, earrings and nose studs enhanced the natural beauty of the face, necklaces and pendants highlighted a graceful neck, and brooches and fasteners held drapes and garments in place.’
      • ‘Those friendly traditional artisans, who designed all the rings, pendants, necklaces and anklets for the brides-to-be, are still in business all over town.’
      • ‘I have used precious and semi-precious stones in pendants, rings and bracelets.’
      • ‘The trend has changed so radically that pretty, feminine summer dresses, hot tropical prints and sweet pastels look positively unfinished without necklaces, bangles, pendants and earrings.’
      • ‘The range of display includes necklaces, bangles, pendants, coins, designer jewellery, birthstones and exquisite designer jewellery pieces.’
      • ‘The collection includes necklaces, earrings (chandelier earrings), rings, pendants, pendant sets, brooches, bangles and bracelets.’
      • ‘During the Classical Greek period from about 480 to 300 B.C. most necklaces were three dimensional pendants.’
      • ‘Then a necklace pendant that she had once had, and then an earring.’
      • ‘These beads are also strung into pendants, necklaces, bracelets or attached to clothing or furnishings and finger rings.’
      locket, medallion, drop, stone
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  • 2A light designed to hang from the ceiling.

    • ‘The basement lights are recessed cans on multiple switches and the kitchen lights are a set of three pendant lights on one switch.’
    • ‘With a background in jewellery, textiles and fashion, Sharon Marston is wowing the interior design world with her innovative approach to lighting, marking a transition between pendants, chandeliers and fine art.’
    • ‘An electric blue light surrounded the pendant once more.’
    • ‘Loops of wire suspend lidless mason jars, which the owner calls ‘light pendants,’ from the overhead lath.’
    • ‘Decorative lighting - sconces, pendants, lamps, or chandeliers - also should be selected at this time so the appropriate wiring can be installed.’
    • ‘This would include getting appliances fitted like personal pendants, security and censor lights, window and door locks, door chains and spy holes.’
    • ‘So Thursday night, 11.30 pm, I'm on the Habitat website, picking out new pendant light fittings.’
    • ‘A pair of glass pendants illuminates the snack-bar island without blocking views through the kitchen window - which, along with a skylight, keeps the workspace bright.’
    • ‘Small-scale pendant lights with halogen or quartz lamps are the ideal size for accent lighting.’
    • ‘Neat rows of pendant lamps hang from the ceiling, and the walls are covered in mirrors and blue-and-white tiles.’
    • ‘At a recent meeting it was agreed to look for a new grant to service the installation of lights, pendants, door locks, window locks and door views.’
    • ‘However, no furniture was in the halls, except three magnificent crystal pendant lamps with 13 layers.’
    • ‘For the exhibit, she designed a leather pendant light incorporating fibre optics.’
    • ‘Avoid pendant light fittings with shades, as this gives the impression of bringing the ceiling down.’
    • ‘The group have installed telephones, pendants, sensor lights and provided security locks for a large number of people in the areas.’
  • 3The part of a pocket watch by which it is suspended.

    • ‘If someone needs help if she has fallen and can't get up, she can now click on a pendant or wristwatch that taps into a support system.’
    • ‘He closed the pendant and tenderly tucked it into his pocket.’
    • ‘At a loss for words, the boy could only stare, gaping at his pendant that now lay suspended in the air before his very eyes.’
    1. 3.1 A short rope hanging from the head of a ship's mast, yardarm, or clew of a sail, used for attaching tackles.
      • ‘They are trained to locate, detect and attach recovery pendants in deep water.’
  • 4An artistic, literary, or musical composition intended to match or complement another.

    ‘the triptych's pendant will occupy the corresponding wall in the south transept’
    • ‘And the detached, studied, as well as learned tone of his work acts as a pendant to his quest for self-knowledge.’
    • ‘The suspended hulls, which are conceived as a pendant to the vases, seem to confirm the artist's preoccupation with history.’
    • ‘His somewhat more compact work, liberally illustrated with colour, was published by the Royal Collection and forms a happy pendant to Russell.’
    • ‘These two paintings, linked by an overlapping chronology, similar measurements, and compositional analogies, may in fact have been intended as pendants.’
    • ‘It was, therefore, a pendant to the Lord Chancellor's Residence, in the south-east pavilion.’


  • Hanging downward; pendent.

    ‘pendant flowers on frail stems’
    • ‘When she told me she has a phobia about wearing anything on her wrist, I gave her a pendant watch (which she still does not wear).’
    • ‘It's this tale and the attractive, pendant cream flowers, smattered within by deep pink spots, that wins so many votes.’
    • ‘The pendant strings, which sometimes have subsidiary strings attached, bear clusters of knots.’
    • ‘The only other things the monk might have were a pendant cross and a pair of shoes or sandals, although some went barefoot as a lifelong penance.’
    • ‘I have a bunch of antique pendant watches from my grandmother.’
    • ‘Be aware, however, that when the ceiling is less than 9 feet high, pendant fixtures become a problem because they might hang too low.’
    • ‘Rise and fall flexes from pendant lights mean you can pull the light down for atmosphere and push up for more general light.’
    • ‘The first step is to consider a low to moderate level of ambient light, typically provided by recessed or pendant fixtures.’
    • ‘Inside, the lobby is festooned with feel-good design clichés, from checkerboard terrazzo to pendant chandeliers.’
    • ‘The hall teams a pale oatmeal carpet with yellow tones above and below the dado, plain coving and stylish pendant lighting.’
    • ‘Italian granite, French pendant lamps and Brazilian mahogany were soon being shipped to the city to realize the luxurious plan.’
    • ‘A pendant figure, the executioner, kneels to sharpen the blade that will peel the satyr's skin from his body.’
    • ‘People over the age of 65 living alone or with another person over the same age are entitled to apply for a safe and secure pendant medical alarm unit.’
    • ‘Only male plants produce the silvery pendant catkins this plant is known for, and the variety ‘James Roof’ is king of the swingers.’
    • ‘Adam created many variations on the basic design of a central handle flanked by pendant swags and scrolling foliage.’
    • ‘The front door opens into a wide hall which, like the receptions rooms leading off it, has solid beech flooring, plain coving and pendant lighting.’
    • ‘One stunningly designed pendant lamp had a large square of stained glass on the base, with panels about half a foot high round the sides.’
    • ‘Arbors encourage you to look skyward, better to admire high-flying roses or pendant clusters of grapes.’
    • ‘To light a space this long, you'd usually need at least three pendant fittings, but these will only accentuate the length of the corridor.’
    • ‘A desk lamp that can have its light directed to where you need it is essential if you have a central pendant fitting.’
    hanging, suspended, supported from above, dangling, pendulous, drooping, droopy, flaccid, swinging, swaying, trailing, flowing, falling, tumbling
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Middle English (denoting an architectural decoration projecting downwards): from Old French, literally ‘hanging’, present participle of the verb pendre, from Latin pendere.