Definition of pelvic girdle in US English:

pelvic girdle


  • (in vertebrates) the enclosing structure formed by the pelvis, providing attachment for the hind limbs or pelvic fins.

    • ‘There was a chair made out of a pelvic girdle, its legs constructed from human thighbones and feet.’
    • ‘The pelvic girdle is almost complete, although pubic and ischial plates are very thin and fractured.’
    • ‘In some frogs, stride length is further increased by symmetrical forward movement of the entire pelvic girdle relative to the vertebral column.’
    • ‘The single sacral vertebra is usually somewhat stouter than surrounding vertebrae and has a relatively robust rib that articulates with the ilium of the pelvic girdle.’
    • ‘Because of the shell, the pectoral and pelvic girdles are uniquely located within the ribcage.’
    • ‘These include muscles used to maintain body posture, such as those in the neck, shoulders, and pelvic girdle.’
    • ‘The femur, in the thigh, articulates at the hip joint with the pelvic girdle, linking the legs to the vertebral column via the sacro-iliac joints.’
    • ‘Because the balloonfish lacks pleural ribs and a pelvic girdle, expansion is not as strictly inhibited as in most fish.’
    • ‘At the same time, the vertical sag of the tail about the pelvic girdle would have decreased abdominal volume through the cuirassal apparatus.’
    • ‘The pectoral and pelvic girdles were also greatly expanded ventrally, although the dorsal parts of the girdles were reduced.’
    • ‘But it is misleading, bordering on deceitful, because the skeleton is drawn as a complete animal, with no indication of the fact that far fewer bones were actually found, including the all-important pelvic girdle.’
    • ‘Incomplete jaws, premaxilla, postorbital and other cranial fragments; some isolated postcranial material, including one half neural arch, dorsal portions of pectoral and pelvic girdles, a humerus, and femoral and tibial fragments.’
    • ‘The initial symptoms of symmetric bilateral aching and stiffness in the neck musculature and shoulder and pelvic girdles are usually insidious but can begin abruptly with an accompanying febrile illness.’
    • ‘The hind legs up to the pelvic girdle were cleaned to the bone, leaving only the paws intact.’
    • ‘All of these ligaments are supportive and connective in nature and serve to stabilize the muscles and organs within the pelvic girdle.’
    • ‘The bones of the pectoral and pelvic girdles formed broad plates on the underside of the body to where the limbs and powerful swimming muscles were attached.’
    • ‘Elements of the pelvic girdle were significant predictors of locomotor performance.’
    • ‘The pelvic girdle is relatively unspecialized.’
    • ‘The first dorsal is moved back behind the pelvic girdle.’
    • ‘Males possess a larger spine on the first vertebra behind the pelvic girdle.’