Definition of pellucidly in US English:



  • See pellucid

    • ‘We here at the Public Interest would just like to make it pellucidly clear to anyone who was ever in any doubt - we categorically disapprove of the boiling of people alive in oil.’
    • ‘It is pellucidly obvious that technologies - like the invention of the internal combustion engine or the written word - are disruptive.’
    • ‘We would not pretend that these provisions are pellucidly clear in their meaning.’
    • ‘But given the broader stakes for the power of Congress to regulate commerce, he added, ‘our duty to uphold the application of the federal statute was pellucidly clear.’’
    • ‘The President in his pellucidly written and cogently argued letter on ‘quality and access’ observed that the question raised by our need-blind admissions policy is both an ‘ethical and a practical one.’’