Definition of pellet stove in US English:

pellet stove


  • A stove used for heating which burns pellets made of wood or other organic materials.

    ‘they started looking for a pellet stove in March, when fuel prices were beginning their surge’
    • ‘Solar panels heat the water in summer while winter heat pours from a wood pellet stove.’
    • ‘We went back to the family homestead, largely unchanged since my high-school years, except now there's a very vigorous, very noisy pellet stove in the living room, and the furniture's all been moved around.’
    • ‘Additional heating is provided via a pellet stove and electricity is generated from a solar pv system on the roof.’
    • ‘Now, in places where large companies always won logging rights, small businesses cull little trees to be used as fuel for pellet stoves.’
    • ‘Corn pellet stoves and wood pellet stoves look the same from the outside.’
    • ‘Specially designed pellet stoves feed the pellets from a hopper via a worm-drive into the heat chamber where they burn with a single intense flame.’
    • ‘Some communities - in which the burning of solid wood is prohibited or limited - have far fewer controls on the use of pellet stoves.’
    • ‘A warming pellet stove offers a no-fuss way of heating your condominium.’
    • ‘Any pellet stove will burn whatever combustible material can be fitted through its auger, which may include anything from dried cherry pits to manure.’
    • ‘The tax rebates being received from the IRS would go a long way towards the purchase of pellet stoves or alternatives, for energy efficiency.’
    • ‘In Europe, pellet stoves are often used as the primary source of heat in places where it is not so cold that furnaces are required all winter.’
    • ‘We bought a pellet stove a few years ago, when gas (and heating oil) was over $4.00 a gallon during the summer.’
    • ‘I advocate that a plan be put into effect to offer individuals and families loans and help to put in pellet stoves.’
    • ‘A house that's that energy-efficient is going to be easy to bring up to a comfortable condition with a simple wood stove or pellet stove with a battery that can operate a fan.’
    • ‘Pellet stoves also have very low particulate emissions.’
    • ‘One of the first public agencies to use bio fuels, the Commission has also introduced its first pellet stove and plans to install a number of wood chip systems to heat its buildings.’
    • ‘Pellet stoves use waste products like compressed mill sawdust in a system that burns cleaner than a traditional fireplace.’