Definition of Pelion in US English:


proper noun

  • A wooded mountain in Greece, near the coast of southeastern Thessaly, that rises to 5,079 feet (1,548 m). In Greek mythology it was believed to be the home of the centaurs, and the giants were said to have piled Mounts Olympus and Ossa on its summit in their attempt to reach heaven and destroy the gods.


  • pile (or heap) Pelion on Ossa

    • Add a difficulty or task to something that is already difficult or onerous.

      • ‘But was it worth while to heap Pelion on Ossa, to shake the whole world, to create such a cataclysm of colour, merely to raise a smile?’
      • ‘As the Greeks would say, why pile Pelion on Ossa?’
      • ‘Looking for a hill from which to scan the territory, one does not want to pile Pelion on Ossa.’