Definition of pelau in US English:



  • A spicy dish consisting of meat (typically chicken), rice, and pigeon peas.

    ‘What about a chicken pelau tonight?’
    mass noun ‘a lot of pelau was needed for a large family like ours’
    • ‘There was brown bread, coconut bake, puffs, cheese paste, saltfish, buljol, pelau and green salad.’
    • ‘Once the rice is cooked and the liquid is absorbed, your pelau is ready.’
    • ‘One popular Trinidadian and Tobagonian dish is pelau, or rice mixed with pork or chicken and various local vegetables.’
    • ‘Every roti and plate of pelau made and sold here leads to revenue and income to the maker who in turn extends his connection to the survival and generation process.’
    • ‘The students helped prepare the lunch of pelau at their school before taking to the streets of Arima in March, this year.’


From French Creole pêlao.