Definition of Peking man in US English:

Peking man


  • A fossil hominid of the middle Pleistocene period, identified from remains found near Beijing in 1926.

    A late form of Homo erectus (formerly Sinanthropus pekinensis), family Hominidae

    • ‘His beloved Peking man fossils were lost in the shuffle (although the plaster casts he had sent to New York survived).’
    • ‘He was a French geologist, anthropologist, philosopher, theologian and futurist who worked in China in the first half of the 20th century on evolution and on the discovery of Peking man.’
    • ‘Even more remarkable is the same enlarged speech area reported in one study of the left hemisphere of a skull of Peking man in Asia, our much more remote ancestor Homo erectus.’
    • ‘Fossils of Java man and Peking man (aka Homo erectus) suggest these close evolutionary relatives were frequent victims of physical violence.’
    • ‘The discovery of the Peking Man fossils in China was a landmark discovery for archaeologists and anthropologists.’